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Interested in starting a restaurant in the Joliet area? Why not venture out and make that dream of yours a reality! Something very important you should consider is the image that you want to project through your serving staff. Providing your team members with high quality screen printed t-shirts as uniforms is the perfect way to show professionalism.

When people see your employees wearing well made screen printed t-shirts, they will (even if at a subconscious level) link a great shirt to a great restaurant. The restaurant industry is not always an easy one to thrive in and every little bit of positive press you get will help.

Let Rival Screen printing handle all of your custom t-shirt needs for you. Whether you are looking for a simple t-shirt with just the company name, or something more elaborate, we take on all projects!


Napervillians, what social causes are you passionate about? Would you like to spread the word about individuals decreasing their carbon footprint? Are you a gun rights advocate? Maybe you would like to make your political affiliation known?

Regardless of what your stance is on various issues, Rival Screen Printing can provide an effective way to spread your message!

Consider having a set of custom screen printed t-shirts made! With our state of the art printing technology and our passion for always producing a quality product, we are certain that you will come out of the deal with a product that is not only well made but also effectively expresses your message!

Say you know what you want to communicate but are not sure exactly how to make your idea a reality. We are prepared to assist you here as well. Rival Screen Printing provides free artistic development consultation for all clients. This means a conversation with one of our highly trained in-house artists/screen printers to help you create and finalize the perfect image for your screen printed t-shirt.

Do you have a lot of friends that share your views? If so, ask about our special wholesale discount rates. The more the merrier!

Give us a call today and you could be on your way to having an excellent means of communication in your possession.

Arlington Heights

If you are in the Arlington Heights, Illinois area and searching for the right company to handle your custom screen printing needs, search no more! Rival Screen Printing is ready to get the work done for you.

Screen printed t-shirts are an excellent way to communicate any type of message. Whether you have a team of construction workers representing your company, or you simply stand firm in your belief of a certain social issue and would like others around you to know. We handle all that and everything in between.

Because of our minimalist work philosophy, we are able to keep overhead costs at an all time low! “Why are overhead costs of any interest to me as a consumer?” You may ask. The answer is that because our costs are kept so low, we can keep our prices low as well. Our savings are your savings!

We do screen printing work on everything, from t-shirts to sweatpants to duffel bags and bandanas!

If you are in the market for buying at a wholesale level, make sure to ask about our exclusive discount wholesale rates.

We take great pride in our creative department here at Rival Screen Printing. If you need a little help with getting the creative juices flowing, let us know. We provide free artistic development consultation to all of our clients in order to make sure that each and every design is completed flawlessly.

Give us a call today and we will show you why we are the absolute best company to work with!


Are you a resident of Berwyn, Illinois and racking your brain trying to figure out where in your area to find a quality t-shirt screen printing company? Look no further, Rival Screen Printing is here and ready to take on your screen printing needs for you!

We produce high quality screen printed t-shirts because of our belief that the t-shirt is such a powerful way to present a message. It is possible you are in a band and you would like to have some merchandise to provide for your fans after a big show. Perhaps you own a fleet of delivery trucks and are interested in bringing some uniformity to your team. It could even be something more basic such as hosting a family gathering and providing t-shirts to all of those that attended.

Whatever your reason may be for needing custom screen printed t-shirts, we have you covered!

When you call us, make sure to ask about our special wholesale discounts! Regardless of whether you are Fortune 500 company or a mom and pop grocery store, we will have something that fits your needs.

Get into contact with us today and let us show you why we are the best at what we do!

Elgin Illinois

Consider custom screen printed t-shirts for your Elgin, Illinois based musical band. Having personalized t-shirts available for sale at your concerts is a great way to earn some extra cash, perhaps you could put it towards the repairs your instruments have needed for a while, or even just rewarding yourself after working many long hours on a project.

There is also the increase in awareness of your band that custom screen printed t-shirts will provide. Give your fans a high quality piece of apparel and the opportunity to let the world know about what you are doing. Every time a person lays eyes on your merchandise, there is potential for a new follower. Much like building a brick wall, a strong fan base takes time to build, but every piece puts you closer to your eventual goal.

Rival Screen Printed can help you by providing high quality screen printed apparel at a great price! Due to the size of our operation, we are able to keep overhead costs down which allows us to pass our savings onto the consumers.

Give us a call today and we can help you take your musical career to a whole new level!