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Youth T-Shirt Screen Printing Services

Create vibrant custom made youth t-shirts with Rival Screen Printing in Chicago!

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Whether you’re looking for screen printed t-shirts for an upcoming summer camp or custom made jackets for the high school varsity team, our range of youth t-shirt screen printing services is an affordable way to create clothing apparel that teens and young adults would enjoy to wear.

In addition to using standard colored t-shirts from top manufacturers in the country, we at Rival Screen Printing in Chicago takes it one step further by customizing the colors to match those of your youth organization. We can even even create tie-dyed t-shirts and other clothing apparel to make your custom print orders more hip and appealing to the younger generation.

Ordering is very easy. Simply fill up our Contact Form and send us your screen printing design, and we will do the rest. If you don’t have a design yet, don’t worry! We got a team of highly talented illustrators and designers will be more than happy to work with you to come up with a trendy t-shirt design teens and young adults would love.

To learn more about our youth t-shirt screen printing services, or to get a custom quote, give us a call today at (312) 544-0757 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,

Rush Order & Same Day Screen Printing

Have you found yourself in need of a custom silk screen printed t-shirt on extremely short notice? Maybe you procrastinated putting the screen printing order in for you company's softball uniforms. Whatever the case may be, Rival Screen Printing can provide accommodations to you! We offer next day printing and even same day printing for special cases. Our screen printers can have your shirts created the same day you place the order and at your doorstep by 5:00 pm the same day. You will have a challenging time finding another screen printing company that will offer such rapid turnaround rates. All of our products are shipped via UPS to ensure that deliveries arrive right on schedule. We deliver to all local areas including Manhattan, Wichita, Topeka, and the Kansas City are.

Taking Care of Your Screen Printed T-Shirt

For all those that have possessed a screen printed shirt for an extended period of time, an inconvenient truth in their regard is that over time, they do begin to crack and fade. This is due to the frequent washings and dryings. While fading and cracking are not completely unavoidable, there are precautionary steps that can be taken to ensure the optimum preservation of the screen printing.

  • Wash your shirts in an inside out fashion. The benefit to washing your shirts inside out is that the ink does not take as much abuse while tumbling around. Doing this greatly helps in extending the life of your shirts.
  • Make use of the proper setting for each article of clothing. Not doing so has the potential to shorten the life of a design.
  • Always order your silk screen printed t-shirts from a first class screen printer, otherwise you could potentially have to deal with ink washing out, which is the result of poor quality screen printing.

Following these simple steps will most certainly result in your shirts keeping that freshly screen printed look for many wearings to come!

Organic Cotton T-Shirts Made In The USA

Many of us are interested in doing what we can for the environment. Consider requesting organic cotton when getting custom apparel screen printed. For cotton to be deemed organic, it has to be grown by making use of not only materials but also methods that result in a low environmental impact. What this means is that the seeds used cannot be modified genetically in any way. Consumers can also be assured that non-toxic pesticides and non-synthetic fertilizers are used in the production of this organic cotton. To make sure that companies are adhering to these standards, third party organizations regularly inspect them.

The great thing about organic cotton is that it can be used for all the same products that regular cotton is used in. Many designers are implementing organic cotton not only for its environmental benefits but also because it sets them apart from others in their market.

The one downside to taking the organic cotton is that it tends to be more expensive. Cultivating this product is much more difficult for a couple reasons. First, the seeds are not genetically modified which means they are much more sensitive to climate changes in addition to soil changes. Since farmers cannot control these variables, a layer of difficulty is added. The next reason is that more man hours are required to rid organic plants of pests and weeds since the use of pesticides and chemicals is considerably minimized. To manage the conflict of interest between wanting to encourage the organic cotton industry and still keeping prices to an acceptable level, many companies produce blends that include both regular and organic cotton.