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As an adult male, issues regarding wardrobe choices are not nearly as perplexing as for females. One could in fact even say that the purchase of a few simple items and reusing them properly can provide a sharp ensemble of outfits to choose from.

A nice white button up shirt. An enjoyable aspect about these shirts is that they can be worn nearly everywhere. It is a must have for work socials, date nights, even the traditional Sunday brunch. To truly top it off, keep a few of the classic colors such as navy, black, and red in stock. A nice pair of sunglasses are certainly worth shelling out a little extra. A well made suit, either grey or navy is something else that can be used time and time again. A basic t-shirt is another item that goes well with many occasions. One can even go with the white t-shirt to really keep things laid-back. A nice pair of jeans (almost a given) are very important as they can last years. For the chilly nights which are sure to happen on occasion, a nice cashmere sweater is great to have at hand. Lastly but certainly not least, a nice pair of slacks, something that every man should keep in his wardrobe. With slacks it is a good idea to find iron-friendly material that way less time can be spent grooming them.