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For all those that have possessed a screen printed shirt for an extended period of time, an inconvenient truth in their regard is that over time, they do begin to crack and fade. This is due to the frequent washings and dryings. While fading and cracking are not completely unavoidable, there are precautionary steps that can be taken to ensure the optimum preservation of the screen printing.

  • Wash your shirts in an inside out fashion. The benefit to washing your shirts inside out is that the ink does not take as much abuse while tumbling around. Doing this greatly helps in extending the life of your shirts.
  • Make use of the proper setting for each article of clothing. Not doing so has the potential to shorten the life of a design.
  • Always order your silk screen printed t-shirts from a first class screen printer, otherwise you could potentially have to deal with ink washing out, which is the result of poor quality screen printing.

Following these simple steps will most certainly result in your shirts keeping that freshly screen printed look for many wearings to come!