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While shopping online certainly has its advantages, if you're shopping for clothes there is a major downside and that is not being able to try on the apparel before purchasing. I would like to shed some light on the matter of sizing and hopefully help you to make a better educated guess regarding style and size.

For clothing that either gender can wear, going with men's shirts is always a safe bet since there are generally a unisex style. Despite being meant for men, they tend to have a straight down style, not so much slim or oversized.

The womens' shirts can be slightly more tedious in selecting as they come in quite a few styles. For something more loose fitting, you will want to go with Hanes, or Gildan. Something many people are not aware of is that generally the clothes do not have as slim a fit as the pictures would lead you to believe. They do however have a slimmer fit than the men's shirts. Anvil is very popular because of their great fit and is second only to Bella which is considered to be the most close fitting.

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