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Missions Trips

A religious missions trip can be a life changing experience. Going to another country to volunteer your time for the betterment of their society is the type of activity that some people live for. While being in another country performing this line of work, you want to create a sense of unity among your team. You want everybody to know that they are in this together. You also want to project a message to the locals that let them know exactly who you are and what your purpose is. Both of these objectives can be satisfied by choosing to have custom screen printed t-shirts created.

We here at Rival Screen Printing want to be the ones to do this for you. With our state of the art technology, our passionate working staff, and a desire to enhance every event through our screen printed t-shirts, Rival Screen Printing is the right choice for you. We work hard to keep our overhead costs at a minimum so that we can pass the savings on to our customers. Any kind of missions trip is going to require financial backing, let us design and create your custom screen printed t-shirts so that you don't have to break the bank and can focus more of your financial resources on other important matters.

Philanthropic Work

Philanthropic work is something that our society does not pay significant mind to. Its not necessarily to say that it is anyone's fault as people have jobs, lives, families and such. Now consider the fact that if you are someone who is able to squeeze out a few extra hours in your day to create or partake in a charitable event, how rewarding it would be to have in your possession, a concrete item to raise awareness about this event.

This is where Rival Screen Printing comes in. We provide exceptional custom screen printed t-shirts that will serve two wonderful purposes for your charity event. First off, your organization, in addition to your event, is going to be on a person's mind when they see an attractive t-shirt being worn in public. Consider the fact that a person wearing one of your magnificent screen printed t-shirts could one day walk by a complete strange. This stranger may have considered getting involved with charity work (possibly even with your organization) yet has been so bogged down with his/her own personal affairs that the thought of charity work has simply never come up, although it is certainly not an unwelcome notion. Now said stranger see your shirt, suddenly a light bulb goes off and this person decides to start volunteering, or perhaps attending the annual charity event that was advertised on the shirt. Mission accomplished!

Aside from that wonderful possibility, offering brilliant screen printed t-shirt to participants of your event will foster positive feelings. Every time a person puts that shirt on, it will be a pleasant reminder of event, and all the positive feelings that are associated with it. Consider Rival Screen Printing and you will be considering an excellent opportunity to help your organization.

Company Outings & Retreat T-Shirts

Company outings are always a great way to build commradorie among your staff of course it goes without saying, if your company morale is high, business is better all around. Why not take the outing as an opportunity to advertise your company as well. With the cold weather upon us, why not offer your employees a quality screen printed hoodie or jacket to keep them looking stylish while spreading the word about your company. Our team of in-house designers can help you come up with the perfect product to fill your needs.

Family Gatherings

We have nearly made it through the not so enjoyable winter months and are nearing Spring and Summer. These lovely seasons provide the perfect opportunity for the annual family cookout. There certainly are not many things more satisfying than catching up with family members about your favorite sports team or letting them know how well your child performed in the latest school play. All in all, it is an absolutely heartwarming time. Unfortunately there comes a time during the get together that everybody has to pack up and head back to their normal lives. This of course means leaving all the warm and fuzzy feelings behind. Rival Screen Printing would like to offer a hand in making those memories last a little bit longer.

Consider having custom screen printed t-shirts made up specifically for your family gathering. A screen printed t-shirt is the perfect gift to present to all the family members gracious enough to stop by. What better way to relive and relish the enjoyable time spent with family than by being reminded of it every time that custom screen printed shirt is worn. With out wide array of in-stock t-shirts as well as the flexibility of our screen printing process, there is no doubt we can create a t-shirt that everybody will enjoy.  

Live & Event On-Site Screen Printing Chicago

Screen Printing & On-Site Live Events in Chicago

Rival Screen Printing is one of the top live and event screen printing companies in the US. We have had a long history of event printing and live printing in the Chicago area. With each event you can be asured that you event will be a huge hit in any scene.

With most live printing events, it can be pricy and hard to setup. We have prefected our setup, so you play less while we do all the work and you can relax. To get a quote on a live printing event, give us a call or shoot us an email.

On Site Screen Printing With Heineken

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Live Printing With Zonkey Skateboards

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On-site Screen Printing NorthFace Challenge

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Screen Printing For Sexual Assault Awareness @ Loyola University

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Think back to the most enjoyable social gathering you have ever been apart of. Perhaps you got the whole office together and enjoyed a company retreat in Catalina. Possibly it was the big corporate softball tournament that you had been training all quarter for. The one in which the #1 seeded team got just a little too big for their britches and found themselves completely swept away by the underdogs (everyone enjoys a good Cinderella story). What about the time you and a generous amount of people decided to form a flash mob in order to rally for your favorite social cause ( I am partial to "stop clubbing baby seals" personally)? The possibilities for activities with which you can do things you enjoy simultaneously with large groups of people is quite expansive. Of all the additions that could be made in order to ensure an even more crowd pleasing experience, a custom screen printed t-shirt commemorating the event is one of the best options that you can consider. Send us an email today and find out what the next step is to get live screen printing at your next event in Chicago Illinois!