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Mens T-Shirt Tips

As an adult male, issues regarding wardrobe choices are not nearly as perplexing as for females. One could in fact even say that the purchase of a few simple items and reusing them properly can provide a sharp ensemble of outfits to choose from.

A nice white button up shirt. An enjoyable aspect about these shirts is that they can be worn nearly everywhere. It is a must have for work socials, date nights, even the traditional Sunday brunch. To truly top it off, keep a few of the classic colors such as navy, black, and red in stock. A nice pair of sunglasses are certainly worth shelling out a little extra. A well made suit, either grey or navy is something else that can be used time and time again. A basic t-shirt is another item that goes well with many occasions. One can even go with the white t-shirt to really keep things laid-back. A nice pair of jeans (almost a given) are very important as they can last years. For the chilly nights which are sure to happen on occasion, a nice cashmere sweater is great to have at hand. Lastly but certainly not least, a nice pair of slacks, something that every man should keep in his wardrobe. With slacks it is a good idea to find iron-friendly material that way less time can be spent grooming them.

Picking The Best T-Shirt Color

Are you an aspiring graphic designer that is looking to launch your own line of t-shirts? Aside from the actual design that you go with, something very important that you will have to consider is which color shirt will lend itself to the most success.

It is pretty safe to say that when facing this decision, black is generally the optimum choice. Regardless of what your graphic is, it will in all likelihood do well against a black backdrop. Black has a tendancy to make help all other colors in jumping out and artists like to use it often for that reason.

White also tends to be a close second in this regard. If one is attempting to add some color, red and blue are also feasible options.


Tips On Picking A Shirt Size

While shopping online certainly has its advantages, if you're shopping for clothes there is a major downside and that is not being able to try on the apparel before purchasing. I would like to shed some light on the matter of sizing and hopefully help you to make a better educated guess regarding style and size.

For clothing that either gender can wear, going with men's shirts is always a safe bet since there are generally a unisex style. Despite being meant for men, they tend to have a straight down style, not so much slim or oversized.

The womens' shirts can be slightly more tedious in selecting as they come in quite a few styles. For something more loose fitting, you will want to go with Hanes, or Gildan. Something many people are not aware of is that generally the clothes do not have as slim a fit as the pictures would lead you to believe. They do however have a slimmer fit than the men's shirts. Anvil is very popular because of their great fit and is second only to Bella which is considered to be the most close fitting.

Hopefully this information clears a few issues up but as always, feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like additional answsers or information!

Horizontal vs. Vertical Stripes

The look of the horizontally striped t-shirt was taken from the sailing style of apparel. This is a great style for someone that is interested in making themselves appear larger than they actually are. For this reason many rugby uniforms include large horizontal stripes. With the increased intimidation factor, it is easy to see how such a look could be beneficial.

Collared shirts on the other hand generally feature vertical lines. These lines cause an illusion that makes a person wearing them look taller and slimmer. Designers know this which is why they tend towards creating shirts of this style. 

T-Shirt Business

 The adverse state of the economy is something that has clouded our society with its disadvantageous repercussions. One branch of our economy that receives a great deal of attention is the job market. As the populous of our fine nation is aware, finding a job in this day and age is certainly not child's play. While this all seems extremely bleak and gloomy, there is a silver lining which is that the economy is going to pick back up. For that reason now is wonderful time to consider laying down the foundations for your own business. If you are looking for a market that you could break into which does not require outrageous capital investments for its initiation, consider starting your own line of custom screen printed t-shirts. This is a great potential source of supplemental source of income for two reasons. One is that you will have the opportunity to express yourself via the t-shirts and share this expression with the world. The second is that it provides individuals with the opportunity to really challenge themselves in creating a product that not only will their consumers desire, but that they can be proud of. We here at Rival Screen Printing can even give you a helping hand in your endeavor.

There are two ways that we can assist the aspiring t-shirt (or hoodie or sweatpants) entrepreneur in you. First, we offer special discounts to those that buy products wholesale from us. What this means for you is that as your business starts taking off and you begin needing more shirts, we will be able to get them to you at a cheaper rate. Secondly, we provide artistic development consultation completely free of charge. There is no reason to let a little creative block stop you from achieving your goal. Even if you have nothing but the beginnings of what you feel could be a potential hit, an artistic development consultation with one of our highly trained artists (who also specialize in screen printing) will bring your idea from its rough beginning draft to finalized perfection!